Why Kokonut DAO?

Everything you need to know about our [borderless organization] alongside 10 concrete reasons to join us.

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Why do we need DAOs?

Being internet-native organizations, DAOs have several advantages over traditional organizations. One significant advantage of DAOs is the lack of trust between two parties. While a conventional organization requires a lot of trust in the people behind it — especially on behalf of investors — with DAOs, only the code needs to be trusted.

Every action a DAO takes after being launched has to be approved by the community and is completely transparent and verifiable.

Such an organization has no hierarchical structure. The lack of a hierarchy means any stakeholder can put forward an innovative idea, that the entire group will consider and improve upon. Internal disputes are often easily solved through the voting system, in line with the pre-written rules in the smart contract.

By allowing investors to pool funds, DAOs also allow them to invest in early-stage startups and decentralized projects like Kokonut Network while sharing the risk or any profits that may come from them.

Let's dive into [why we need Kokonut DAO]

Kokonut Network eliminates the barrier to agriculture development, rural project funding, and investing in real-world projects.

We are leveraging and creating a multitude of agriculture projects. Kokonut V1 is the first coconut plantation that will bring lifetime benefits to every individual that wants to participate.

We have planting permits, business plans, weather, and 620 acres of fertile land that would roughly produce 18,000,000 coconuts annually.

Kokonut DAO Membership Perks

  1. Lifetime Project Longevity
  2. Real Business Model
  3. Open Source Accounting
  4. Blockchain Verified
  5. Decentralized By Default
  6. Funds Secured By Kokonut DAO Members
  7. Voting Rights On Key Business Decisions
  8. Voting Power For Treasury Managing
  9. Access To The Cloud Accounting System
  10. 40% Plantation Earnings For Life

1 Share = 1 Coconut Plant Lifetime Ownership


  1. Kokonut DAO doesn’t consume your time
  2. Kokonut DAO shares are easy to transfer or exchange
  3. Kokonut DAO rewards are backed by Kokonut V1

Coconut farming is a proven business that has a lot of upsides.

Stay tuned for an in-depth post about Kokonut DAO benefits, Kokonut V1 lifetime rewards, members voting power, and more.

There are so many details to cover that we need to create another post.

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