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This is a work in progress. Please refer to the public site for the stable release.

Kokonut Network is building the infrastructure to connect web3 with Agriculture 🌴 🥥

Eco-Friendly Regenerative Economics Vested By Mother Nature, 100% Open-Source Accounting & Immutable Blockchain Governance By Kokonut DAO


Kokonut Network brings blockchain governance & open-source accounting to the agriculture industry. Kokonut Network's core mission is to promote, organize, fund, and manage coconut farms. We gather funds from the community using the Kokonut DAO framework for decision-making and fund allocation.

When you mix Agriculture, Blockchain, Web3, Perfect Soil & Weather, this formula allows us to create an opportunity that does not have an expiration date. This formula permits Kokonut Network to establish a lifetime partnership with the Kokonut DAO members. We achieve this by replanting the coconut trees once they stop bearing fruits.

One-time contribution equals a lifetime of rewards and benefits.

Project Introduction

8 Facts About the Coconut Fruit

  1. It is the most cultivated and important palm tree in the world, as it is currently the main species producing vegetable fat.
  2. It is one of the plants that provide the greatest diversity of products in the world, being a primary source of food, drinks, and shelter.
  3. The distribution of coconut plants extends over most of the island, off the tropical coast, and in some places outside the tropical zone.
  4. Its cultivation is located in Indonesia, India, the Philippines, Malaysia, Central America, and Tropical Africa.
  5. The main exported product is unprocessed COPRA (coconut pulp), and secondly, dried coconut. The diversity and potential of coconut, contribute in a considered way, to the economic sector of the cultivating countries.
  6. The most interesting in the coconut market is bottled coconut water. Asia and Europe including North America, drink it with a lot of acceptance. The reason why the market consumes larger quantities every year.
  7. It finds a greater demand in certain European countries due to its freshness. It is an important undisputed protagonist at fairs and festivals.
  8. The coconut tree adapts very well to soils where the water table is saline. The stocks of safe water are beneficial; therefore, it is one of the few crops that can be seen on the beach or in its vicinity.

Project Info

Location: Las Salinas, Barahona, Dominican Republic. > https://www.google.com/maps?q=18.236413,-71.349896

Phase 1: KOKONUT V1 [620 Acres of Land | 60,000 Plants | ~18,000,000 Coconuts Yearly]

DAO Contract: 0xFfe8A8ec2477390c6b97074f44326fac24D7f6DD

Protocol: DAOHaus Framework

Network Chain: xDai/Gnosis Chain

Project Category: Agriculture DAO

Project Longevity: Everlasting with Boundless Reach & Scaling

Blockchain Explorerhttps://blockscout.com/xdai/mainnet/

Initial Supply Kokonut V1: 60,000 DAO SHARES

Kokonut DAO shares contribution: $20

Phase 1 Amount to Raise: $1,200,000 [4 years budget, ~16 years harvesting until re-planting]

Waiting Time Until First Harvest: ~3 years

DAO Shares Issuance Beyond Initial Supply: Kokonut V2 [300,000 Shares] Year 2026~

1 Coconut Plant = 1 Share in Kokonut DAO

*Shareholders are eligible to receive USD rewards based on the size of their shares allocation. The DAO will get 100% of the coconut plantation profits, and open-source ERP for transparency.

Description & Scope of the Project

This project will benefit the entire society of the Municipality of Las Salinas, Barahona Province, Dominican Republic. Plants will be planted at a sowing frame of 7.5 x 7.5 meters away from each plant. That is equivalent to ninety-six (96) plants per acre of land, which equals 60,000 plants within the six hundred and twenty (620) Acres of land in hand. This variety is capable of producing about three hundred (300) fruits per plant, which makes about 18,000,000 units each year. The market price is around USD 0.44 per unit, which would be equal to USD 7,920,000.00 per harvesting year, the DAO will get 100% of the profits.

With the investment in this project, the organization seeks to incorporate it into the production process of the area. A total of 10,663 direct and indirect informal jobs. Which has to do with the labor that is required for agricultural tasks such as weeding, application of pesticides, fertilizers, irrigation, and harvesting. As well as other activities to guarantee major success for this project.

Problem & Solution

Problem: High demand from the national and international markets. Annual domestic production does not meet demand. Every year, this country imports about 25 million units of coconut, which return to international markets as exports of coconut derivatives.

Solution: Incorporate six hundred and twenty (620) Acres of land for phase 1 and (3,100) acres of land for phase 2 in optimal conditions, into the national production system; to be able to increase national annual production, and reduce demand.

Revenue Streams

Coconut Net Sales — Our V1 Plantation consists of 60,000 coconut plants that will produce roughly 18,000,000 coconuts per year, average Dominican Republic wholesale price is $0.44 this equals $7,920,000 per year we are already working on connecting transnational buyers so we can export our product and get even more revenue.

Coconut Derivatives — Coconuts are one of the most useful fruits on the planet, you can produce coconut milk, coconut oil, coconut body cream, coconut water, and so on, the list is almost endless, that is why this is one of the most profitable fruits in the agriculture sector.

Industrialized Coconut Products — Besides just producing and selling the coconut, we're also planning to create a range of products like coconut milk, coconut water, coconut pulp, and beauty products for retail and wholesale to transnational conglomerates.

Kokonut Network Achievements So Far

  1. Lifetime Profitable Business Plan; Kokonut Network idea, vision & initial research to design a perfect landscape for our coconut farm, economics, and business development.
  2. Core team Selection; Agriculture, sales, and management professionals are going to be responsible for the development of Kokonut Network Vision they have 35+ years of combined experience.
  3. Kokonut Network Brand; We wanted to create a brand that reflects our love for mother nature, social responsibility, and the vision we have for agricultural communities worldwide. "Kokonut Network" represents what we are striving for as a global community.
  4. Full 3 years budget; Includes the preparation of the land, plantation of the 60,000 coconut seedlings, workers' wages, management, taxes, agricultural insurance & maintenance of the plantation until harvesting time.
  5. Multilingual Agriculture ERP Software; We will be able to share monthly reports and updates, about how the project is performing in: Sales projections, profits & expenses reports. We will create ERP read-only login credentials for every member with at least 1 share, We're all about transparency.
  6. Government Agricultural Permits; We have already passed inspection and Local Authorities approved & issued the certificate to develop Project Phase 1.
  7. 620 Acres of Land; We managed to secure a plot of land with perfect conditions for coconut plants founded on scientific soil examinations and historical climate data
  8. Agricultural Company Registration; We have set up a company to conduct the coconut plantation day-to-day operations & execute the work agenda & budget authorized by KokonutDAO members
  9. Kokonut V1 Schematics

Kokonut DAO Funding Allocation & Governance

Kokonut DAO Summoner

  1. 0x0ea26051F7657d59418da186137141CeA90D0652 1 Share System Default [Voting Power = 0.001666666666667%]

Kokonut DAO shares allocation

  1. 99.9983% = 59,999 shares allocation for DAO members.
  2. 0.0017% = 1 share allocation for Kokonut DAO Summoner [protocol default]
  3. Decentralized Governance by default

Kokonut V1 [60,000 Plants]

Core contributors are going to receive one Kokonut DAO share for a $20 tribute up to 59,999 shares that have been issued for the Kokonut V1 phase. In doing so, core contributors are committing to uphold and execute Kokonut Network's vision, philosophy, and business plan.

Fundraising & Development Phase: Land Preparation

During the Land Preparation phase:

  1. Contributors can contribute ERC-20 tokens in exchange for shares.
  2. The shares purchase rate is fixed for all parties at $20 for 1 share.
  3. Shares will be distributed to core contributors.

Fundraising & Development Phase: Agronomic Work

During the Agronomic Work phase:

  1. Contributors can contribute ERC-20 tokens in exchange for shares.
  2. The shares purchase rate is fixed for all parties at $20 for 1 share.
  3. Shares will be distributed to core contributors.

Fundraising & Development Phase: Materials & Equipments

During the Materials & Equipments phase:

  1. Contributors can contribute ERC-20 tokens in exchange for shares.
  2. The shares purchase rate is fixed for all parties at $20 for 1 share.
  3. Shares will be distributed to core contributors.

Harvesting & Sales Phase

The Harvesting & Sales phase is when we start to gather fruits from the trees and sell them in local and global markets. Kokonut DAO bank will receive 100% of the revenue, distributed evenly among DAO members based on their number of shares.

Ventures & Industrial Products

This is the phase where we create our own branded products coconut derivatives to maximize our returns.

  1. Coconut Derivatives — Coconuts are one of the most useful fruits in the world, coconut milk, coconut oil, coconut body ointment, coconut water, and so on, the list is practically endless, this is one of the most profitable fruits in agriculture sector.
  2. Industrialized Coconut Products — Besides just producing and selling the coconut, we're also planning to create a range of products like coconut milk, coconut water, coconut pulp, and beauty products for retail and wholesale to international conglomerates.

Rage Quitting = Leaving Kokonut DAO

At any time any DAO member can rage-quit to obtain a proportional percentage of the Kokonut DAO Bank assets.

  1. If unfavorable circumstances require that a member sell their shares or loot they can submit a proposal to sell them to another Kokonut DAO Member or another address approved by Kokonut DAO members. This would require two proposals: one to rage-quit current shares and/or loot and one to mint new shares and/or for a current member. This would need two Kokonut DAO votes to support.
  2. Contributors can enforce governance through Rage-quit to remove their donations at any time if they are not comfortable with the direction of Kokonut DAO.
  3. Members should Rage-quit if the core team is not conducting the business program defined in funding proposals.

Kokonut Network Manifesto

Kokonut Network is a platform built by the people, for the people. At its core, Kokonut DAO looks to empower anyone adding value to the Kokonut Network ecosystem, regardless of their social status or previous accolades.

The core ethos of Kokonut Network is to create a truly self-sustainable protocol with integrity at heart. The community should always be prioritized over the capital.

The drive to create a truly open ecosystem will take form with time. At inception, Kokonut Network will establish the Kokonut DAO - the governing entity responsible for allocating funding for Kokonut Network development and distributing rewards to contributors.

The Kokonut DAO is built on the following principles:

  1. Freedom of Choice - Enter and exit as you please.
  2. Freedom of Work - Collaboration is encouraged and necessary.
  3. Freedom of Power - No one person owns the Kokonut DAO. Those with the most “influence” are those who are adding the most value.
  4. Freedom of Access - Anyone adding value should receive DAO shares.
  5. Freedom of Pay - Anyone holding DAO shares may submit a funding proposal.
  6. Freedom of Opinion - Not all opinions will be unanimous. We encourage people to speak up and challenge any initiative or proposal which goes against the core ethos of Kokonut Network.

Inspired by HausDAO, & MetaCartel Manifesto’s

Kokonut DAO: https://link.kokonut.network/dao

Website: https://www.kokonut.network/

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Blockchain Domain: KokonutNetwork.DAO